Community Share Points Log (note still working on this log, this will give you an idea of how it works.)



100 pts =1.00 for goods or services at participating stores.



when the thought to judge someone with intent to be hurtful you instead evaluated what you could do for that person even if just a prayer

Use I statements when talking to your brother or sister when angry.    

Use active parenting when your child makes a mistake.  

Walk your neighbors dog without charging money.  20pts

Walk your neighbors dog and get paid.

Recycle your cans.

Wipe your hands on your clothes instead of using paper towels when not working in a healthcare position or restaurant position. 

 500 pts

Eat vegan for one week

Ride your bike to the store

Ride your bike to work 

Use your reusable cup all week, no paper cups 

  1000   pts      

Create a compost hole for your friend, neighbor, or other and help to upkeep it if they ask you.

buy a kitchen compost container

5000 pts

create a vegan support group

Create a bike taxi for your community, block, or family.   

Create a restaurant that serves food from local farms monthly pts  

take a positive parenting class    


Be kind

Be loving

Respect personal boundaries

give love

Help a neighbor