Community Share Program (page still in process)

The community Share program is a non-profit business.  Members earn points by the good deeds that they do for the environment, people, and animals.  The Community Share Program is based on the honor system.  People are not audited.  My philosophy is that what we give we will receive.  So if people deceive the program, they likely will have something happen less heavenly to them in their lives without me doing anything to them.  People make mistakes.  It is ok for them to learn by natural consequences.  I do not believe in punishing people for their mistakes.  When people are heavenly; they will live in a heavenly existence.  WE are helping to nourish a heavenly world by operating this way in our communities. 

The Usolec Program will be donating 10% of the money from the ticket sales to the Community Share Program.  The merchants in this program will offer to pay a certain amount of the cost of the product sold and then the Think Heavenly Community Share Fund pays the rest.  Even if they can’t afford anything, they will still be able to be a merchant.  This helps the Merchant to not go out of business if customers from the Community Share program come in a lot!!!!!  They only give what they can and Think Heavenly Community Share Fund pays the rest. 


Why it is good:

This program is great for your community because it includes all businesses and merchants no matter how big or small.  WE encourage customers to pick local first and then choose from the national/international green businesses in the program.  The businesses that want to be included just have to be green and sustainable or in the process to become green and sustainable.  Local and green businesses will flourish!!!!  Our communities will be more loving and healing.