Coronavirus Tips for Schools

Test all family members for the coronavirus before they can be allowed to come to school.

Increase staff to include teachers assistance for online zoom classes for children who cannot attend school or who do not want to.

Provide a handout of procautions for families to do outside of school and each day for the children attending school.

Increase Nursing staff to take temperatures of the children before each class day. If they have a temperature, the whole family has to take test for coronavirus.

Everyday the children have to have on freshly cleaned clothing and a mask.

Children need to be able to wipe down toilet seats prior to use them each time with wipes and all surfaces they touch. (provide each child with fanny packs with items needed to be easily accessible.) Such as masks, disinfectant gel/substances (preferable is organic for their health), disinfectant wipes)

Colleges are having all online classes and kids could have the same, so it is a risk to have schools open. However, testing all families with children nationwide has the way to find all cases and to be proactive to isolate and provide them with unemployment insurance where neeeded.

There could be an influx of temporary staff available and tested prior to being sent to jobs to take the place of workers temporarily.

Some guidelines for all families outside of schools, is to shelter-in-place as much as possible, only go to work once approved to go, and have all groceries etc delivered and washed upon arrival.

This insures the greatest protections from any contact with others to get the virus so that families can stay healthy and in school.

Test families and children once a month if not had a need to prior. This insures that we are actively being proactive from virus infections that me be going unnoticed every single month.