Healing Exercises from hurting others

lotus-smlPema Chodron says, “Basic intelligence recognizes that the resentment caused by a violent response, by a score-settling action, will be the source of future conflict.”  ; A Lion’s Roar Collector’s Edition Pema Chodron Canada.

When we think of those that have created a moment where they do activities that we relate to in the wording of terrorism, the best response is compassion, honesty, and bravery.  We must be compassionate that their souls are suffering to the point that they are hurting others, honesty that it is NOT behavior that we want to support, and the bravery to try and create a healing space to help their beings to heal.

What comes to my mind when I think of the beings that lie, steal, and kill is that these choices of behavior hurt their victims as well as they hurt themselves.  I feel to fully heal from their actions, they will need to be able to create a proactive behavior that is honest of their behavior and then creates healing for themselves and those they have affected.

So let’s say if you are someone that has hurt many people, sit quietly in a place that feels nurturing and beautiful.  It can be helpful to light a candle, smudge, think of your higher power; then say in your own words, that YOU would like to heal the people’s lives that have been effected by your hurtful actions.  Then write down all that you have done and why.  YOU can then create an art piece, song, poem to dedicate to the world of this growth.

Then when you feel like the time is right to then request how you can give healing to those you have hurt.  How can I give love and healing to those I have wronged?  then write it down, send reiki healing symbols, or your higher power prayers to reach to their beings wherever they may be, and then silently listen to what comes to you to do and write it down in your own words.

Try your best to do what comes to you to give back and heal what damage you have done.  For example, it could be to start a small hospital, build a healing garden, and on and on.

This exercise can be done for anything that a person has done that hurt another.  It is important to also heal oneself for hurting others hurts oneself.  If you do not heal from your actions, it could set you up to hurt again and again.

Go to http://shambhala.org/ for added support and tools for healing.