How to Own a Think Heavenly Franchise

It is very easy to own a franchise. A family can do it. The only requirements are to do be able to do the tasks in the Think Heavenly Manual and follow the bylaws, support the co-op business model, support the Usolec Program, and Community Share Program should they decide to want to run their own. If not the Usolec Program and Community Share Program are national and international as well as local programs.

The expected cost to start one is donation only. Whatever they feel they can give to Think Heavenly Corporation. So what feels good to do and if they can do it.

They will be able to sell Think Heavenly Products if they can afford to buy them and if not there will be a sponsorship program in place for people whom want to Help the world become Heavenly and need some assistance to do that.

Since, I currently do not have a think heavenly manual there are many books out there with ideas for communities to start with.  Once I can start working on the manual then I will have one to download.  There are church groups and others whom are working on greening their communities within your area.  If there isn’t a eco-green manual that fits your community, create one.  You can look around your town and see where there needs to be things that are better and apply that to your manual.