Rundown of setting up a franchise

How to Own a Think Heavenly Franchise

It is very easy to own a franchise. A family can do it. The only requirements are to do be able to do the tasks in the Think Heavenly Manual and follow the bylaws, support the co-op business model, support the Usolec Program, and Community Share Program should they decide to want to run their own. If not the Usolec Program and Community Share Program are national and international as well as local programs.

The expected cost to start one is donation only. Whatever they feel they can give to Think Heavenly Corporation. So what feels good to do and if they can do it.

They will be able to sell Think Heavenly Products if they can afford to buy them and if not there will be a sponsorship program in place for people whom want to Help the world become Heavenly and need some assistance to do that.

The cost of downloading the necessary Think Heavenly Manual to get started is something anyone can do. The Usolec Program and Community Share software downloads will be something that can be sponsored if families or interested individuals cannot afford but what to start their own.

Think Heavenly Corporation

I feel the easiest and most effective way to create healthy eco-friendly communities is by making it a major priority in organized groups and organizations to create complete eco-friendly lifestyles.

The support of groups increases the effectiveness of change. Established relationships helps to facilitate the needs of each members families in the groups and so forth. When thinking of changing to a complete eco-friendly state those changes are energy uses and product consumption.
I think that creating some horse transportation along with electric cars (with solar panels), more support for biking and walking, (restructuring of towns, and cities) societies that utilize recycled paper and hemp, community gardens, medicinal gardens, co-op type of businesses that create opportunities for financial growth.
What has come to me is that we create eco-green manuals to help assist in the process. This manual provides the information, ideas, and funding for eco-friendly lifestyles. Each area has people to employ in the green process such as horse caregivers/trainers, gardeners, solar specialist, seamstresses, herbal specialist, engineers, administrative support, political, and legal. Ideas such as if everyone goes to church on Sunday, that their weekly produce and shopping will be there awaiting them or essentially what ever works for each particular organization or group. This saves them on energy use to go to and from the markets, use local products, and gain stronger community relationships. The reality is when you think of the amount of pollution or usage of oil/gas that is currently going on and how it is going to kill us all if we don’t stop, the convenience of going to the store whenever you want while perhaps using a huge car with only one person and driving ten miles for that convenience seems suicidal and homicidal.

Remaining open to flexibility is essential. The current state of the world is complex. Realizing the state that we are in is such as a society that judges, kills, steals, and destroys to the level that we’re destroying the earth. As we build our communities to become more loving with the planet, humans will become more healing to each other. Everything is done to create and support green societies along with creating heaven on earth essentially. When we see beauty everywhere and treat each other with beauty we will be in a heavenly shared space.

People will need solar panels and installation support, candles, horses, bikes, electric cars, convenient public transportation/ support of, community gardening, educational support, and emotional support. Change can be expensive and increase in working with others increases our extravert experiences where we may need patience, nurturing, and intelligence to succeed and grow.

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