Think Heavenly Franchise Owner (please note I am still building this site to easily access tools needed to run a franchise)

The Goals of the Franchise Owner is to help create heavenly communities.  Things that help communities are being green, sustainable, and healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Create a Co-op store that sells local foods and services.

Create a bike share   (will provide How to soon)

Create gardens

create medicinal gardens

Here is the link to the  “program model” of the Homeless Garden Project in Santa Cruz, CA
“It’s given a bit of context in this article by Julie Brothers on Huffington Post.
Create a sacred meditation/mindfulness space for the community.
Work with the city, county, and state governments for changes in transportation to adapt to the needs of the community as it transitions.
Advertise for volunteers to help.
Have weekly celebrations for the work being done in the community and discuss projects progresses.
Hire grant writers to help access the funds needed for projects that are applicable.
Create a local Community Share Group to assist in signing people in your community to be merchants and have cards for those whom want to be a part of it.  (You will need the Community Share Kit if you can’t afford one, we will provide it for you).
Community Cards cost are donation only.  We will give them free or they can donate to the Think Heavenly Community Fund.  Note:  They will end up getting free items if they do good in their community and for the environment.
Sell products that are healthy for others.
Create a peacekeeper group for the community to contact with their concerns in the community.
Create a positive parenting group for helping families with children learn active positive parenting skills.
Create a Compost Committee to actively either sell already made compost containers or create on in their yards.  Write a grant for foster kids to have their own compost building business to create funds for their continued education and healing.