Thoughts about different transitions

Do you feel emotional pain from the state of the planet? We are all made up of the same atoms in all living beings. A common thread that we all relate to. Over the years, as humans have drilled into the planet, polluted it, it appears we hurt each other to the same degree.

Those that cannot understand the dependence on Earth health, have not had an experience that reopens their being to the heartfelt connection. Think Heavenly will assist in creating those bridges and experiences. Because they are unaware of that connection, they have continued to create lies to fulfill their power and money needs. They have essentially committed murder by design. There have been many deaths from earthquakes, flooding, fires, pollution, and droughts. All of them manmade.  A desperate plea was sounded only to get grounded by those whom could not allow themselves to open their hearts and feel their true connection to a planet that feeds us, provides us with medicine, and keeps us safe in outer space. WE all feel the effects of our thoughts and what we do to the planet we communicate with our actions as well. Abusing the planet, is a direct abuse on ourselves. Remember nature speaks to us and we need to listen. Why pollute, waste water with nuclear plants, create toxins, when we can use less and create solar energy for our needs?

I will help implement and support architects to support building with a balance and support of nature in mind. Every home needs to have a water filter system, solar panels, use of natural sunlight, plants for oxygen, gardens for food, and greywater support. I will support the realities that natural gas is naturally suppose to stay in the earth. There is no science that can prove that it is safe to take out. The science proves that it is NOT safe to take out and by design when we take out from a structure that structure will collapse. I have seen more earthquakes, sink holes, and the earths axis slow down due to the removal of gases, drilling for oil, and water dispositioning. Our fishes help with the flow of the earth, our need for our oceans to be healthy with the earth and moon is NOT anything to hurt.

Think Heavenly Corporation’s goal is to  create more jobs, lower the cost of living, and create healthier, happier, and more productive people who are in balance with nature. We will do this by education, creating programs that solve the problems, and restructure our governing systems on the micro, macro, and meso levels.   The goal is to support governing systems will no longer support abuse as a means of governing. Governing will be on the education and healing level only. Our role modeling will be one of non-violence

growth, and love.

I created Think Heavenly Corporation to help heal the World because I care about everyone. I was brought to these realizations of my purpose with the help and guidance of others in touch with the knowledge of the earth’s relationship to us. I found that all of the human errors that hurt me and others could have been prevented with insight and education. The trauma I feel from the suffering around the world is preventable as well. I had experiences where the healing of nature was brought to my consciousness and became something I could not ignore. I had to help our people, our nation, our world.

The state of the world is on the brink of tragedy from human kind being fearful of change and needing insight. Think Heavenly Corporation goal is to provide manuals to assist communities in implementing green practices to assist in the transition to a healthier world.  Here is some that others have written:,

Does it make sense to keep supporting abusive systems at the macro, micro, or meso levels? Of course not. WE can admit that abuse doesn’t work. WE have studies that prove it doesn’t work. Think Heavenly Corporation will provide the ways to change, be open to others ideas, and facilitate the reality that doing anything less than heavenly doesn’t work for our people or our planet. Does it make sense to increase our people’s stress by arresting them, taking them to jail, taking their children, or when things really get out of hand, killing them? Instead we will bring them our empathy of the reality that human beings struggle in this world to the extend of us all, life is interconnected, and to help those in need is also to help ourselves; all of our futures. When people do not get their needs met, things turn into conflicts. Peace Keepers will aid our communities in getting those needs met with nurturing, love, resources, healing, and forgiveness. There will not be societies with more and more mental illnesses from abuse, children being removed from their families, families broken up because they are put in jails, and on and on. We will solve the problems with healing, resources, and solutions that don’t create unhealthy relationships feeding expensive co-dependencies such as foster cares, jails, social security from the inability to care for oneself.