Tips for creating heavenly communities

create local parenting support groups and active parenting teams.  This is something that they can work on to help their community to learn about the non-violent and healthy parenting styles.  These services will  share and help each other problem solve without the intervention of CPS.  For example, in my case because I was isolated, having someone help me in the home would have helped me greatly when I was struggling with PTSD.  It would have been great to when I was feeling stressed had someone to call to come help me with the children instead of them removed and my PTSD and mental problems became worst.  IT is utter and total terror to have your loved children taken by strangers.  The children get abused and are not loved the way they need to be.  Try to help change the laws of government from taking children to assisting with local support meaning maybe a parenting assistant home to move to, have a trailer near by for extreme cases, for example.  The terror of stealing our children has cost families to be torn apart, mental illness increases, and jail population.  Ecology Action is an excellent example of supporting healthy community in relation with the environment.


This is another resource for building healthy communities.


Get to know your local services where they lack fill the gap.


Have a number available that instead of calling the police advertise and give the local community the option to contact peacekeepers who will not call child protective services or police but be in working relationship with government to help understand they are helping the families in need.  (while helping to change the current too linear laws regarding child rearing in America.


The philisophy Think Heavenly view is whole focus is creating a community that doesn’t abuse each other.  It is up to the individuals if they decide to utilize those services.


Create compost making teams creatively.  In santa cruz, they have one where there was a business that only road a bike to pick up compost for people at a reasonable price.


Create a community bike share where people can check out bikes free or for a cost or trade.


Try to support the integration of water filters in the homes to stop the use of plastic water bottles where you can.

Co-ops are a great way for community to stay local and all benefit from the success of stores.  This increases employee stability and thus family stability.  Co-ops can teach how to grow foods to create health in the home without high cost, share needs with others, including goods and services from people even without a running business.  This can work in conjunction with a community share card if they have those available in that area.


For homeless, create apartment buildings to house them, often times shelters are too stressful and can create problems with vulnerabilities.