Tips for Think Heavenly Franchise owners

Success stories updated Monthly.   Wilderness teaching retreats to connect with life and our dependence on nature.

Community Board supporting sustainable communities.

Create Community Peace Keepers whom bring sage, herbs, and resources to help families in conflicts.  Many families become under duress for one reason or another.​​   Does it make sense to increase their stress by arresting them, taking to jail, taking their children, or when things really get out of hand, killing them?   Instead we bring to them our empathy of the reality that human beings struggle in this world, life can be stressful, and we may be unable to get our needs met.  This in turn can create conflicts.  Peace Keepers aid our communities in getting those needs met with nurturing, love, resources, healing, and forgiveness.

Online Presentations.
Why we need less laws and prisons? How CPS is hurting society and what is the answer?
How to create heaven on earth?
How to create a healing government not a punishing one?
What is hemp? What delusions are hurting society?

Corporation where success is measured by others health and happiness as well as our financial stability.
Create Heavenly Communities Manuals to fit your unique community and heritage supporting diversity.  Caomhnoir means spiritual protector of nature essentially the guardians of life.