Usolec Lotto Program

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One way to utilize this program will be sold in stores and people will be able to purchase tickets online.  There are many stores that already utilize cards and the lotto but in a different way.  It could be easy to work with these current formats they utilize but for the Usolec Lotto and community share card.  People can design the softward anyway they like.  There is NO contracts with me to utilize this idea, it is based on the honor system.  Thus I have provided a guideline and they can utilize it the way they want, but the bylaws are that I do NOT want beings whom stalk or abuse to try and utilize this idea for bad only for loving each other and healing.  .25 cents from every dollar will go to the Think Heavenly Transportation Fund for restructuring of the roads and cities for green sustainability.  This takes the pressure off of the government to agree on where the funds will go.  Think Heavenly Corporation will have the funds to create heavenly communities  ourselves.  We will have grant writers who will write the governments for any additional funding we will need if any.  Everything will be done with state and federal permission to do so.

All the packages will have products from businesses that are green and sustainable.  In no time at all everyone will have green transportation in their cities and in the world!!!!!!!

We will be able to give away packages all day long when people purchase tickets daily, weekly, or monthly.  The system will be user friendly.

People can download software to add their own packages to their franchise operations.  This allows for more local businesses to flourish as well.  This keeps things flexible and flowing with communities growth.  WE all grow at different paces and have different needs at different times.

This program is a part of the Think Heavenly Franchise ownership.  The community share program is a non-profit program of Think Heavenly Corporation.



To:  Tesla,, Sierra Club, Bill Mckibben, Peoples Climate March:


RE:  Usolec Program


Creative way to help assist communities into transitioning off of oil/gas.



Dear Sir/Madam:  This is an idea that I have to help assist communities off of fossil fuels.  Instead of a money lottery, it will be green packages that include 25% of money that goes to infrastructure for green transportation, 10% that goes to the community share card program (a program that gives points for doing good in the community to use as cash at green stores and services), 5% that goes towards Think Heavenly Company, and 5% that goes to the people that sell the tickets, and then the cost of the package contents.  This program works at securing the cost of infrastructure changes we need, it helps people afford green transportation, and it supports green businesses and a local economy.


Clean air is important to all living matter. Currently the Artic is melting due to effects of pollution and deforestation. Humans cannot measure the extent of devastation if we do not stop the melting except it can only be catastrophic. Stopping wasteful driving is something that can be fun for communities. Change is difficult for anyone. Let’s get started. ( programs based on the honor system)


Solec Program:  for an example of the packages:  people purchase $10 tickets for a drawing for an electric car/solar panel.

on average, people spend at least $10. some less some more, on gas to go to work etc.  When they do not drive for one day, they save $10 or more.  Instead of using that $10 to buy and pollute gas/oil, we support with the marketing of the tickets to instead invest in a ticket that will get them or someone else an electric car/solar panel, a new bike with a package (bike clothes, lock, etc), a walk package, community horse operation.  Basically, it ends up costing them nothing to go green.


People buy their tickets for the package they want, when enough tickets are purchased to pay for that package, the Solec Program Employees pick the winning number, and that person gets the winnings.  WE keep doing this until everyone has what they need to be green without it costing them anything more because they are saving money.  For those whom already don’t drive etc, it is just their chance to get something that may be harder to purchase without help.

Hoof me home: people get to use community horses. There will be several horses and carriages for people to use to ride in the city etc. (cost will be work exchange)


Walk the talk:  purchase $1.00 tickets for the walking package of new walking shoes, outfit, and other misc items.


Bike Power: People purchase $5 tickets for drawings for bikes and bike wear.


People whom are in charge of Usolec program will work with the transportation infrASTRUCTURE OF cities, highways, and towns creating transitioning transportation.

(a percentage of the money will go to the cost of infrastructure needs such as $.50 per $10.00)




Find sponsoring companies such as the foundations that want to divest from fossil fuels, natural gas, coal, and nuclear. Create ad campaigns that advertise the program and support thereof.


This program allows for humans to quickly and effectively transition.


This program goal is to create jobs in the administrative, electric car sector, solar panel sector, apparel sector, and bike manufacturing sector.  Always utilizing first the community Bike companies whom are interested, car companies, solar panel companies, and sportswear companies.  Otherwise, we will give away the packages that are international companies items such as if we get NIKE to join in etc.

The focus always is to create local jobs to keep communities self-sustaining and eco-friendly. These companies will also work with the government agencies of food stamps and unemployment where they will donate 20 hours a week for their benefits. This will help alleviate debt and create responsible evolving families. (double green program)

Forest Keepers: Facilitate the health of forest. Responsible for the watering of dry forest when needed and protection of.



Water Bearers: Facilitate the greening of water usage and health. Help facilitate grey watering where it is advisable.


Artic Cooling Keepers: Design ways to stop the melting while humans transitioning (safely)


Inner Planet Engineers: How to rebuild the earth to strong beginning if at all possible. The breaking of the earth inside has created a terrible situation for our planet. It is crumbling inside and why it is not as safe, if ever to escavate oil/gas. Somehow, we have to assess the situation to see if we have to repair anything for our survival.


Air filter systems engineers: Implement and create air filter systems for pollution as humans transition, work on current pollutions in air to stop global warming.


Healing Communities Overseers: Transitioning from police state communities to supportive and evolving communities. Help people in jails to be transitioned into the communities. Restructure legal systems to not have laws that punish people as a means to an end, but always in the interest of learning growing and supporting families to learn and grow. This creates self-sustaining communities and strong family unity. This saves governments money this alleviates corruption.


When governments are set up to use abuse as their punishment, they are liars:  they lie to themselves and their people that this is justice.  NO being gets better when abused.  They have laws that say do not abuse your children, women, or men however their laws are punishment using abuse.  This type of governing is a lie.  It is not governing it is using power to abuse the beings they govern and that is why the violence and the abuse under their government including their relationships with other governments is violence.